Buffalo Bore Ammunition 19E20 Tactical Strictly Business 357 Mag 158

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Buffalo Bore Ammunition 19E20 Tactical Strictly Business 357 Mag 158 gr Jacketed Hollow Point 20 Per Box 12 Cs


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Typical full power 357 Magnum loads offer several tactical problems for use in self defense and duty applications, especially when used in the shorter/lighter revolvers typical of concealed, defensive and duty carry. The muzzle flash can be blinding, especially from short barrels, and felt recoil can be a life-threatening drawback if fast follow-up shots are required. Also, the level of report can be deafening and cause permanent hearing loss, especially if fired indoors. All three of these Tactical Short Barrel loads address those problems, making the 357 Magnum ideal loads for the concealed, defensive and duty carry purpose found in smaller revolvers. For those who wish to carry a 357 magnum revolver for potential “conflict resolution,” these Buffalo Bore loads put an end to the “tactical” drawbacks associated with regular 357 magnum ammo. These loads are great for use in longer barreled firearms, too.




Buffalo Bore Ammunition

Manufacturer Part Number


Muzzle Velocity (fps)

1100 fps

Boxes Per Case

12 Gauge

Bullet Type

Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)


158 gr


357 Magnum

Case Material


Muzzle Energy

424 ft lbs

Units per Box

20 Gauge


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