Lee Precision Six Pack Pro Kit 40 S&W Steel Works

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Lee Precision Six Pack Pro Kit 40 S&W Steel Works With Most Handgun Cases


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This 40 S&W Six Pack Pro Kit includes Six pack progressive press, Auto drum powder measure, shell plate, Universal case feed magazine, and Lee breech lock dies (carbide full length sizing die, powder through expanding die, bullet seating die, and instructions with load data). Carbide factory crimp die is sold separately, available as an accessory. Its six stations allows any brand of die to be used in line bullet feed dies, powder check dies and such. Its simple and reliable automatic indexing has just one moving part, replaceable in seconds, and no tools required. It also never requires adjustment. The stroke and clearance sufficient for largest magnum rifle cases. It also uses the same all steel linkage found on the Classic Cast 50 BMG press. Its massive 28.4mm ram glides through 82 mm of solid steel giving the ram over 7300 mm of solid support. The spent primer tube collects dirty and gritty spent primers. All dies securely fastened in the upper die carrier with Lee Smart Lock bushings. No more turret, tool head to replace, or move during use. The automatic priming system is simple, reliable, and safe with any brand or size of primer. There are primes at the bottom of stroke, so all six stations are available for operations. The automatic case inserter works with any case and can be manually fed through the convenient loading port. Which includes the Lee case feed magazine. This works with most handgun cases and all AR rifle cases. Its easy to set case retainers on every station. No springs, plugs or buttons to lose or tinker with. The cartridge changes over in seconds, including primer size with no adjustments. The automatic case ejector reliably whisks away your completed round to the ammo bin. This Press includes combination tool rack, bin bracket, along with free ammo bin.





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most handgun cases

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