XS Sights SW0019S3 DXW Big Dot Night Sights-Smith & Wesson

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XS Sights SW0019S3 DXW Big Dot Night Sights-Smith & Wesson Black | Green Tritium White Outline Front Sight White Stripe Rear Sight


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DXW Night Sights are defensive tritium sights designed to enhance your EDC pistol. The front sight uses a reflective white dot that bounces ambient light for increased low light visibility. We designed the DXW sights to be large and highly visible; this helps solve many issues, from aging eyes to deteriorating vision. The shallow V rear has a simple, low profile that provides a wide field of view. The dot-the “i” sight picture, with a tritium dot in the front and a white stripe non tritium in the rear, prevent confusing the front and rear sight in high-stress situations. In most gunfights, the victim and attacker are moving, and the victim is threat-focused. DXW Night sights are bright and easy to see day or night! The express sight concept started it all for us over 25 years ago. Our founders wanted to engineer a sighting system primed for defensive situations that was big and easy to see. Modeled after African big game hunting sights, express sights are designed to give you a visible and combat accurate flash sight picture when seconds count. Front Sight Dot Width: 0.188″ Overall Sight Height: 0.300″.




XS Sights

Manufacturer Part Number



Smith & Wesson M&P | Full Size & Compact

Firearm Type


Frame Color


Frame Material

CNC Machined Steel

Front Color

Green/Tritium/White Outline

Front Material


Rear Color

Black/White Stripe


DXW Tritium Front | i Dot/Low Profile V Rear

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Front/Rear Set

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